There are no background music in real life,sure it looks/sounds good in movies..but in reality,whenever we’re faced in bad or dramatic situation or heart breaking reality..?all we have is dead silence.. no snow patrol strumming the guitar,no Civil Wars humming in the background and no darn Tori Amos making you feel worse than ever. And i just realized that recently,after reading your message,not letting people know what we are and hiding…i felt like ive been slapped and pulled down…rock bottom…i didn’t realized my tears falling until i felt my short soaking in it…i waited,still no background music,just people chatting around you,minding their own business… i looked outside and its raining,hard…then i finally heard it,the sound of the rain….i closed my eyes and i knew… we create our own moments in life….we can make our own soundtrack because we have the power to hear only what we want to hear

run run run…run right in to you


some 4 or 5 years ago i reached my heaviest weight ever,i reached almost 80 kilos,i felt so big and got depressed. Then a good friend of mine was transferred fr carbonated to hydration department of this really kick ass company. She started inviting us in fun runs. I started with 3k,which was humiliating for me because in my first 3k run,i was joined by a bunch of kids and dogs… damn! Hahahaha! So i trained my ass off to join 5k,i mean i’m a physical therapist for crying out loud!

I found peace in running. I enjoyed it so much that i used to run everyday,morning runs were my favorite because you can smell the leaves and sweet morning aroma.i can run 10 rounds around the village clubhouse of my old apartment. Sometimes i lost track of time and would realize that I’ve been running for 2 hours already. All it takes is my ipod and my good old adidas i’m good to go. But mind you,i take my running playlist seriously,but thats a different story,i’ll tell more on another time. One time i got bored on my usual route,i mixed it up a bit. I ran half of the “killer highway” yep! I’m crazy like that sometimes,i just want to see if i can run from don antonio village to philcoa,i did,and i think thats approximately 4k. But i rode a jeepney on my way back. Haha!

Today i wanted to clear my head so i did the cheapest way i know how… i put on my unused runners and jogged to the football field. I completed 10 rounds,thats almost 10k,not bad… but the most important part is i realized how much i miss the alone time. Apart from jumping into the health wagon,appreciating good music and the nature itself… i realized that the best part of running is the alone time. I used to talk to myself often and now i rarely do that. But today,i had an entire conversation/argument with myself. I love it! I liked it so much that after running i rewarded myself with big cone of sherbet. Who am i kidding right. Haha! I may have gained back the calories i burned before i even reached home,but that “me” time was worth it…. and i want more of that

new home

i hate moving. when i was in college i hate my fifth year because that was the time we get transferred to different centers/facilities/hospitals every 2 months and i hate it. just when you’re adjusted to the environment,people and most of all food..bam! its time to move again.

since i started working i remember moving 4 times,fifth if you count where i live now. thats 4 times in 10 years. hah! not bad!

so now i’m moving once again. this time i’m not carrying any baggage with me. i’m leaving my old posts in my old blog,yes its somewhere out there in the vast net-verse,because i want everything to be brand new experience with you